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St. Louis RV Storage provides safe, convenient outdoor storage for all of your toys no matter what size and close to home.


Let’s face it – most of us can’t store our 14ft ultra lite trailer, boat, let alone a 40ft RV in our driveway for any length of time.   And most of us are not fortunate enough to have a 50' deep, 14' tall/clear pole barn out back to keep it in.  Even the smallest trailers can take up valuable garage space needed for everyday life. 


So rather than skip the whole RV adventure, we look for storage to keep our toys safe and ready to go when the time is right.  That is where outdoor storage can be a great economical solution.  

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Covered storage for is for drivable RV's up to 13' 6" tall.


While many RV owners are concerned about keeping their prized possessions safe from hail storms and heavy rains, it is the sun's damaging UV rays that really takes a toll on our favorite toys.  The UV rays fade and dull the finish of paint and graphics.  Oils and chemicals in the rubber compounds of tires and seals start to evaporate and break down due to UV exposure.  Worse yet are the damaging effects of the UV exposure that breaks down the roofing materials, caulks and sealants used to keep our RVs watertight.  


Once the watertight barriers of the outer shell are broken, water is free to penetrate and seep into the walls and systems of the RV, sometimes unnoticed.  Sitting water can cause serious damage to the structure and the interior finish of the RV putting your investment and the service life of our RVs at risk.




Enclosed storage for boats

In addition to keeping your prized possessions protected from the sun's harmful UV rays.  Many of us also want the added protection of having them enclosed and out of sight.   St Louis RV Storage provides a unique service storing your boat under cover.   Customers of enclosed storage may request battery charging 24hrs prior to pick-up.  Only available for boats properly equipped on-board battery chargers.



Our climate controlled garage has been leased.

Your RV is completely protected from the outside elements including freezing temperatures.  St Louis RV Storage provides full service storage of your RV in our climate controlled environment with 50amp connections available.  


We park-n-plug-in your RV in our climate controlled garage. Other services are available too should you need them.  Your RV doesn't need to be winterized and it's ready to go whenever you are.     

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