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Our mission is to provide storage customers a complete set of services that enable RV owners to maximize their enjoyment of RV ownership.   We operate in a concierge model which includes parking RV's.  This helps to eliminate post-trip parking stress and damage to your RV by other customers.


St. Louis RV Storage shall provide the best value in full Service RV storage serving all of St. Louis County and surrounding areas.   With greater than 5 acres of RV storage, we provide different types of storage offerings and value-added services.    St. Louis RV Storage will work hard to earn and keep your business while becoming the preferred RV Storage resource in West St Louis and surrounding areas.


St. Louis RV Storage team members are true Midwesterners who have lived most (all) of their lives in and around the St. Louis area.   We own and travel in our RVs and enjoy the adventure and friendship that comes with RV travel.

It seemed that many of us often head off to our favorite playgrounds for one reason or another.  We visit friends and family, spectate sporting events or participate in our favorite pastimes.  These travels often take us to the mountains, the water or the beach.  No matter where we are, we often speak of the great sunset viewed at the end of the day with friends or family.  The common denominator is the RV and the lifestyle it provides for us.


For this reason we incorporated the mountains, the water, the sunset and the name of the company that makes it easier for you to keep your RV safe and ready for the next adventure to travel in this great country of ours.  


Bill Z

After a 30+ year banking career working with and financing many small businesses, Bill decided it was time to invest in his own business.  The RV storage business was a great fit and enabled Bill to make his hobby his business.   Bill began by purchasing Lighthouse Storage in 2007.   


In recent years, Bill’s expertise RV travel and providing RV storage solutions has increased dramatically. 

As an avid RV’er, Bill continues to enhance the RV storage experience for his customers.  He introduced concierge/valet service at Lighthouse Storage, which continues today at St. Louis RV Storage. 

Bill is thrilled to have a business where every customer’s RV adventure begins and ends with him. 

Jim R

A lifelong love of motorsports drew Jim to the world of RV’ing.  Jim has always said, “There is nothing better than waking up from your own bed, and stepping outside and you’re at the track.”  When Jim and his wife began searching for the ideal storage facility for their second custom built toy hauler, they wanted a secure facility with easy access from their St. Louis County home and a friendly staff.   Enter Bill Z and Lighthouse storage! 


Jim has worked in the industrial technology sector for the past 30 years and enjoyed Industrial design, architecture, building and providing unique solutions for his customers.   Over the last several years, Jim and Bill shared a vision of what the ideal RV storage facility in Missouri might be like.   Jim’s retirement and the Great Flood of 2015 provided a clean slate to realize that vision.

Al W

At a young age Al was introduced to fishing and camping.  While attending college in the Ozarks, Al was able to enjoy these hobbies while studying to be an Information Technology (IT) professional.  At 6' 9" IT was not the career path most expected Al to take.  His interest in computers and electronics prepared him for a role within a St. Louis based fortune 500 company where he worked throughout college and most of his adult life. 
Throughout his career Al dreamed of buying a Class A bus and pulling his bass boat around the country.  Al and his wife purchased their first Class A motorhome from Byerly Rv and their second a few years later from Travers RV.  After working 30 years in IT, Al decided to "retire" and began working part-time at the St. Louis RV Storage facility helping with various office functions.  Well part-time became full-time and now Al manages the day to day storage operations at the site.  With his IT and operational experience Al strives to provide exceptional customer service while championing the vision and mission of St. Louis RV Storage.

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